At home facial

We all love a bit of DIY Skincare and now is the time.

Why not try a Sheet Mask while bathing?

Steam up the bathroom first; then fill up the bath with slightly warm water—not hot water, as that's not great for skin.

Sheet Masking while you bathe is relaxing, but it's also pretty much like an intensive 'steam facial’

Make your home into a DIY Spa - keep a glass of water nearby and infuse with some fresh fruit to keep you hydrated and to give you a few extra Vitamins. Play some relaxing music or read a book.

Make time for me time!

Treat your Skin to a Sheet Mask at least once a week and a Facial/Dermaplaning once a month 🥰

❤️Love the Skin your in ❤️

For appointments please message me 📥

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