Wash your pillowcase at least once a week 👍. We spend around 8 hours a night (if we are not kept awake by people snoring, yes people, you know who you are 😉), with our faces on our pillow. It's crazy how our lovely nighttime skin care routine could go to pot if our pillow cases aren't clean!

Just think our pillow is like a sponge soaking up dirt, bacteria, our sweat and drool (or is that just me?! 😒)... If we reuse it over and over this dirt comes into contact with our skin again and again, it clogs pores and encourage inflammation. This increases our chances of acne breakouts 😟.

If you suffer with acne it is advisable to wash them 2-3 times per week. 👍 If you wake up with irritated skin it could even be your washing powder. 🤨

So let's not forget our pillowcases and look after our skin during what should be our beauty sleep not dirty sleep! 😜

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